On November 26, 2018, a scientific and technical board took place at EDB Fakel jointly with a representative of G. Budker Institute of nuclear physics. A. Beklemishev, a PhD in physics and mathematics and senior research scientist of G. Budker Institute of nuclear physics presented a report named “A concept of a helical plasma thruster”.

In the course of the speech information was also presented about a unique system named SMOLA (A spiral magnetic open trap) developed by G. Budker Institute of nuclear physics. This system should help take another step to the controlled thermonuclear fusion. This system will also enable accelerate spacecraft and automated spacecraft to record speeds.

G. Budker Institute of nuclear physics is one of the leading world centers in a row of fields of high-energy physics and accelerators, plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion. Large-scale experiments on the elementary particles physics are carried out in the Institute using electron-positron colliders and a unique set of open plasma traps. Modern accelerators, intensive sources of synchrotron emission and free electron lasers are developed. For the majority of its activities this Institute is a unique institute in Russia. At the scientific and technical board the perspectives of co-operation between G. Budker Institute of nuclear physics and EDB Fakel were discussed aimed at a technical realization of new designs for perspective propulsion systems.

Source: www.inp.nsk.su