Fifteen years have turned since the launch day of the two Russian telecommunication satellites called “Yamal-200”, which were designed and manufactured by the order from “Gazkom” (OJSC “Gazprom” subsidiary) at S. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”.

“Yamals-200” are aimed at operating as a part of “Yamal” satellite communication and broadcast system, which serves with up-to-date communication types for the Russian gas industry enterprises, as well as providing telecommunication services to both Russian and foreign users.

The satellites “Yamal-200” were launched on November 24, 2003, on a “Proton” launcher. They are equipped with propulsion units carrying the SPT-70 thrusters made by EDB Fakel. The spacecraft designed life time in orbit has exceeded a 15-year period thanks to a successful operation of EDB Fakel’s thrusters, which serve for the spacecraft station keeping and attitude control in an operation point in orbit. According to “Gazkom”, the hardware and propellant reserves will enable “Yamal-202” to operate stable till the middle of 2019, when it will be replaced by the new satellite called “Yamal-601”.