A visit by a representative delegation from the People’s Republic of China, JSC Materik from the Russian Federation and Thales Alenia Space from Belgium took place on March 19-20, 2019. The Chinese delegation was presented by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), the Institute of Telecommunication Satellites (ITS), the Beijing Institute of Control Engineering (BICE), the International Business Department (IBD), the Lanzhou Institute of Space Physics (LISP) and APT spacecraft company.

The purpose of the visit was an introduction to EDB Fakel’s production capacities and to the developments of thrusters with flight heritage for high reliability station keeping propulsion systems. 

The Chinese delegation prepared a presentation titled “EPS and PPU for commercial telecommunication spacecraft” and presented a “Road map” for space platforms.

The representatives of the delegations visited EDB Fakel’s production facilities, they were also introduced to the operation of the test stands KVU-120 and KVU-165. During an excursion to EDB Fakel’s museum the guests learnt about the history of development and flight heritage of the thrusters designed by the enterprise.  

In the course of the negotiations possible lines of co-operation on SPTs deliveries to the People’s Republic of China were reviewed and addressed with a Minutes of meeting signed.