On April 12, 2019, EDB Fakel hosted the 7th annual scientific and practical conference timed to coincide with the Cosmonautics Day and dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the start of the lunar program and 50th anniversary of the start of EDB Fakel’s designed stationary plasma thrusters flight heritage.

     The conference agenda included ten very interesting reports on actual problems of development of stationary plasma thrusters and thermal catalytic thrusters.

     The event was officially opened by General Designer E. Kosmodemyanskiy’s speech about the enterprise outstanding achievements and future plans.

     The chief designer of the stationary plasma thrusters department K. Kozubskiy presented a brief background of the development of the first flight SPT units and recalled the names of employees who significantly contributed to EDB Fakel’s development.

     An excellent report presented by A. Komarov about the investigations of the discharge current oscillations in the SPT set the pace for the conference. The reports made by D. Goza on the “green fuel” and A. Markov on the results of the experimental investigations of EDB Fakel’s SPT thrusters operating on krypton were of no less interest. A. Zarakovskiy presented results of development of the ITU-100 and ITU-140 (Integrated thruster units).

     A series of reports by young talented technologists D. Privalov, A. Nazarov, E. Protopopov, V. She, N. Valentyukevich and A. Nickolskaya prepared under the leadership of Ya. Nazarova was dedicated to the use of new materials and development of new technologies.

     The report by P. Chubov on the impact of the SPT-140 type of thrusters parameters and life test characteristics on their thermal mode evoked a special attention.

It should be noted that a good number of young specialists and post-graduate students participated in this conference. The conference was held in an atmosphere of active discussion with experience sharing.