On May 30, our legendary fellow citizen and cosmonaut Alexey Leonov celebrated his 85th anniversary. For this occasion, the Library named after A. Leonov organized an event called “A photo for the Hero”. Children took part in aeronautic warm-up and a quiz; later they took a photo and sent it to Mr. Leonov with good wishes.

Employees of the EDB Fakel also attended the celebration and told some stories about space industry. Kids learned some facts about Fakel’s products, where they are applied, as well as some facts about company’s history. 

Alexey Leonov is a Soviet cosmonaut who on March 18, 1965 became the first person to walk in the outer space. Works in outer space took 12 minutes 9 seconds. The entire personnel of the EDB Fakel sends its best wishes to Alexey Leonov for his anniversary. We wish Mr. Leonov good health, joy, prosperity and great achievements.

The Russian crew of the International Space Station (ISS) prepared for 85th anniversary of Mr. Leonov a “space gift”: before starting the spacewalk they had written on their backpacks and space suits some happy birthday wishes; Kononenko wrote “Leonov №1” and Ovchinin - “Happy Birthday, Aleksey Archipovich!”.

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