EDB Fakel is the company with the vast experience in development, manufacturing and testing of space propulsion. For more than fifty years, the employees have been contributing to the history of space industry by creating products that became a company’s brand known worldwide.

Many employees of the company were awarded with orders and medals for excellent record and high professionalism: A. Koryakin, A. Nesterenko, V. Panfilov, V. Ionin and others. Our colleagues N.Maslennikov, K. Kozubskyi, V. Murashko were honored with the highest state award – the title of Laureate of the State Prize.

In view of the upcoming Cosmonautics day, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin awarded the senior technician of the EDB Fakel Roman Gnizdor with the medal named after the academician V. Glushko. For Mr. Gnizdor this is the second award of such rank. He is one of few engineers capable to develop a new thruster and explain to young professionals all trick in operation of an SPT; many experts can say that they became such professionals thanks to their experienced mentor.

The Director of the EDB Fakel Mikhail Korkunov was also awarded with the highest regional prize. Short before the Russia's Entrepreneurship Day, the governor Anton Alikhanov honored him with the medal for contribution to the Kaliningrad region. The governor particularly noted the company proactivity in defending regional interest at federal level and thanked the management for the contribution to economy of the Kaliningrad region. Apart from that, he also pointed out the high level of professional training initiatives and conditions that motivate the employees.