On June 20 at 23:43 an Ariane 5 rocket vehicle was launched from the European space cosmodrome in Kourou, French Guiana, with Eutelsat 7C broadcasting satellite on-board.

Eutelsat 7C is the newest broadcasting satellite produced by Maxar Technologies (formerly Space Systems Loral). The spacecraft is owned by Eutelsat Communications, the leading operator of satellite communications in Europe, ranking among 3 world leaders of satellite communication services. The spacecraft weight is 3.4 tons and it will provide services in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Turkey. Using EDB Fakel’s SPT-140 thrusters Eutelsat 7C plans to reach its geostationary orbit by the end of 2019 followed by entering its full-scale commercial operation. The spacecraft orbital position will be 7° East longitude in one position with Eutelsat 7B.