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On 26th of October EDB Fakel hosted the delegation of the Samara aerospace university headed by the Rector Evgeniy Shakhmatov and Sergey Prokofiev, the vice-rector for science and innovations.

The Samara aerospace university is one of the oldest and high-ranking educational institutions of the space industry. The spacecraft Aist 2D, well-known all over the world, is the flight project led by Samara university and SRC Progress.

We have a long fruitful cooperation with this university. We know Prof. S. Salmin and Prof. O. Starinova very well, as we often meet at conferences, workshops and congresses, exchange news and discuss new challenging projects. 

The head of the Samara University visited our design bureau for the first time. The delegation took part in the facility tour and the meeting where possible joint projects were discussed.

We reached agreement regarding a project in order to manufacture jointly a manned spacecraft of Aist type. The project will be further discussed during following meetings with SRC Progress, Samara aerospace university and EDB Fakel.


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