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The year 2018 celebrates the 90th birthday anniversary of the prominent physicist Alexey I. Morozov, who made a huge contribution to many areas of contemporary science about plasma and engineering. A. Morozov was a chief scientist at the Russian research center “Kourchatov institute” and an outstanding scientist in the field of plasma dynamics and plasma accelerators; he was a State (USSR) prize winner for his development of physical bases of electric propulsions and he was also awarded with a medal of the International electric propulsion society for his pioneering work in electric propulsions.

In the 1st quarter of the year 2018 development test of the thruster unit 230 (TU-230) on the basis of the stationary plasma thruster SPT-230 were completed at EDB “Fakel”. The operability of the TU-230 with a center-located (see Figure 1) and periphery-located (see Figure 2) cathodes was verified in the power ranges of 4.5 to 25.0 kW at different discharge currents and discharge voltages. The thruster thrust obtained was 1 N at the discharge current of 50 A and discharge voltage of 500 V. The thruster specific impulse was 3200 sec at the discharge voltage of 800 V.

The conference and exhibition Satellite 2018 took place in the conference hall named after Walter Washington from March 12th to March 16th. EDB Fakel participates in the event as an exponent for the second time. The exhibition has proved to be the top-level business event featuring the elite of the world space industry.

On the 22nd of November the EDB Fakel made a visit to the company NEXEYA based in Toulouse. The visit took place under the aegis of the Embassy of France in Russia and CNES.

The 21st of February marked the awards ceremony for the workers which was held in Drama Theater of Kaliningrad region in honor of Defense of the Fatherland Day. The award was conferred, among others, on Director of EDB Fakel. The Governor of the region A. Alikhanov awarded M. Korkunov with a medal of the Order For merit to the Fatherland and congratulated the staff of EDB Fakel on this holiday. The contribution of EDB Fakel to the development of space industry and as the enterprise itself playing a key role in international space industry were highlighted by such governmental award.

Saturday marked Maslenitsa Celebration for the enterprise employees.

In the period from November 15th to November 17th the state corporation ROSCOSMOS in partnership with the Baltic state technical university VOENMEH, named after D. Ustinov, held the session called “Days of ROSCOSMOS” to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Baltic state technical university.

This year, Bremen hosts the trade show devoted to the space hardware design and production, including satellites, ground support equipment and components.

The 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference (IEPC) takes place Sunday, October 8, 2017, to Thursday, October 12, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Sponsored by the Electric Rocket Propulsion Society(ERPS), the 2017 IEPC is the premier venue for researchers, developers, managers, and students from around the world to meet and discuss the latest in the field of electric propulsion.

Management of EDB «Fakel» reports that a European telecommunications satellite Eutelsat 172 broke the record for the fastest satellite electric orbit raising in just four months since the launch.