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Space Propulsion 2014 took place in Cologne (Germany) in the period from the 19th till the 22nd of May, where the current status of propulsion-building was addressed.

The conference was arranged by Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France under the auspices of the European Space Agency, CNES and German Aerospace Center DLR. Experts from various space agencies and international companies participated at that key event.

Young winners of the Drawing Challenge are awarded at the Yunost sport-complex.

Within the framework of the Cosmonautics Day, the Drawing Challenge was held among children of three age categories.  The gifts were presented to all the participants, and the winners were awarded a special prize.

A very interesting and useful event was held on the Cosmonautics Day at the Sports Complex “Yunost”: The Games-2014!

The sports traditions of our enterprise are very old and constant. The Games-2014 have also become the continuation of theses traditions. The games were held in several disciplines: field-and-track athletics, swimming, ping-pong, chess, darts, tug-of-war, weight-lifting. Six teams were struggling for the name of the strongest ones. The participants of the Games demonstrated the spirit of cooperation, mutual help, sound competitiveness, and witty mind. All these traits allow the enterprise to be the leader in propulsion-building.

On Saturday, the workers of EDB took part in the Carnival-devoted open air celebrations in Svetlogorsk, the regional resort.

The delegation of Roscosmos led by its newly appointed Head of the Federal Space Agency Ostapenko O.N. arrived at the enterprise with a formal visit.

On Friday, there was held a formal meeting between Oleg Ostapenko, the Head of Roscosmos, and the Director of EDB Fakel. In the course of that meeting, there were discussed general issues of the enterprise’s development, as well as the issues related to the preparation of EDB for its transformation into a joint-stock company due to reorganization of the Federal Space Agency.

The Governor of the Region handed out the Grateful Letter to the Director of EDB Fakel for the Enterprise’s contribution to the Region development.

By the order of the President of Russia, the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region handed out governmental awards to the workers of the region. Honouring of the people who achieved great labour gains was held in ceremonial surroundings in the building of the Kaliningrad Region Administration.

The representatives of EDB Fakel took part in the ELECTRA Industry Day.

At the beginning of February, at the premises of OHB System in Bremen there was held ELECTRA Industry Day, where international suppliers of space equipment and Software interested in participation at Electra procurement campaign from the Northern America, Europe and Asia were invited.

International Marketing Conference WHAT’S UP FUTURE was held in Svetlogorsk on Sept. 19 and 20, 2014.

The conference agenda covered such topics as the latest tendencies in digital media and forecasts for its development, creative and irrational PR, search for new sources  of financing and budget optimization, and etc.

Amongst the invited, there were speakers from Russia and Europe, e.g., Alexander Kulam and Tatiana Leonova from Red Keds, Sten Selander from Mediaevolution, Gustav Martner from CP+B Europe, and many others.